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School Campus - Hasan Abdal, Pakistan

In 2006, when the massive Balakot earthquake hit and took 86,000 lives, a large number of Hindus and Sikhs living in the area fled to other cities and hamlets of Pakistan. Many ended up in Hassan Abdal, a town located about 1-hr. drive outside of Islamabad. Unfortunately, these Hindus and Sikhs suffered severe persecution, involving attacks that cost numerous human lives. Being religious minorities, their children are unable to attend local public schools because of the persecution, discrimination, and violence. We saw an opportunity to serve these minorities and established a school facility in a rented building. The school enrolls over 110 children who had outgrown the rented facility.


In March 2022, we purchased an existing building and revamped its structure to build a permanent school facility. We have established a strong and positive presence in the community for more than 15 years, resulting in their welcoming our plan.  Our goal is to develop a school with a quality academic standard and a first-class facility so we can serve any families, regardless of their race and/or religion, who want to enroll their children to receive a quality education.

School Building - Chitwan, Nepal


Church Building - Alizai, Pakistan

The town of Alizai lies in the western tribal area of Pakistan.  In March 2022, we pioneered a church planting project in this town when a gentleman along with his siblings, donated a piece of land for the purpose of  building a church facility.  Given the location of this town and the constant challenges Christians face in this area, a church facility is need to provide a safe place where believers can freely gather to worship. We have also established a core team and are training them through IFGF College so they will be ready to shepherd the 70 people who form the nucleus of this young church. 

Church Building - Siliguri, India

Pastor Silas has built this ministry in the Northeastern part of India for more than a decade. This area is especially challenging as the opposition towards Christians is especially strong. By God's grace we managed to purchase a piece of land where we can build a sanctuary for the believers and a Bible School to train up leaders and church planters. This work is also critical for our work in Bhutan, where Christianity and churches are not allowed at all. They have planted underground churches and raised many leaders through the Bible School held in all kinds of makeshift places. We want to help them build the facility that will house the church, the Bible School and the offices.  

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