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Our mission is critical and urgent: to preach the whole Gospel of Christ to all creatures and make disciples of all nations, especially in areas where the Gospel has never been proclaimed even once.  In addition, establishing strong churches that embody the discipleship culture is also needed to accelerate this mission. We do this by going, preaching, church planting, training, equipping, and helping build necessary infrastructure for the work. 

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At a certain point of the development of a mission project, it becomes necessary to invest in infrastructure, especially in the establishment of a national and/or regional headquarter which may include a Bible training school, church facility, and other support functions.

Missions Trip

One of the main ways we impact nations is through educating and equipping the national leaders. We do this by hosting pastoral and/or equipping conferences locally. When appropriate, we also hold crusades where the Gospel is preached to those who have never heard it.


General - Where it's Most Needed

This fund makes everything we plan and do possible. The driving force behind all the initiatives and the execution of the mission comes from here. It takes a lot of personnel and resources to make this process function properly.


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147 W Palm Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

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